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      "What'd you do with them letters?" Si demanded fiercely.

      Larry, in his rubber boat, just having given up trying to explain how a number of bits of chewing gum had transferred themselves from the amphibian, where last he saw themor some like themto the seaplane, gestured and pantomimed to try to tell them his news.

      "Gol darn the luck!" said Si with Wabash emphasis, beginning to limp forward.


      "Bobs like a buckin' broncho," said Shorty. "Make you seasick, Si?"



      "Not pertickerlerly," answered Deacon Klegg, turning to catch a view of the stockade at La Vergne, where the 1st Mich. Eng. had made such a gallant defense. "I'd a mighty bothersome day, and was purty well tuckered out. I found a good place to sleep, and I turned in rather airly. Say," continued he, pointing to the wreckage of battle, "the boys seem to have poked it to 'em purty lively out there."


      What made you cut the ignition! snapped Sandy, working on the idea he had read in so many detective stories that a surprise attack often caused a person to be so startled as to reveal facts.He must be looking for his landing! Sandy called.